A Testimony of an Almost Loser

It was February 21, 2017 when I decided to consider teaching as my profession. That day was a bit with confusion since I was having a trouble in my current job. February 22 when one of my closest friends rendered her resignation because of a call of her ‘passion’ that is, to teach around Las Pinas City. More reasons just popped up when I was in the battle field of this decision. And it was in the later days that I realized that many people had told me about this even before. Now the ball rolls for this decision.

A decision to shift a career but more so, a decision to get closer to what God wants us to deal with while living.

Teaching profession is a perfect avenue to share the gospel. Paul, Peter, John and most of His disciples turned to be a teacher unconsciously while sharing the Good News. But they are not in schools, they just did it everywhere. Halleluiah for their passion and commitment!

The scenario today, however, is in another spectrum. People get too busy with their own businesses. People can barely see an opportunity to turn the Bible and make it known that there is salvation. The world is corrupted and the world is yet to destroy the humankind.


It was early late February when I visited Tanza National Trade School, i saw all faces that can destroy every pieces of us – addiction, isolation, broken family, unvalued personality, jealousy, pride and even lust. And its prey is an innocent and oblivious student.

With grace and conviction, I have decided!

Two nights after that day, first day of March, when the Pastor’s wife told me to review the division order on hiring guidelines for Senior High Teachers.  I’m technically qualified. Hooray!

I remember that night when I’m in the middle of confusion. My heart is indeed weak, vulnerable and prone to shifting emotions. I have my own dreams – to be a reporter and respected journalist – besides I have a good paying job. That night I ask God for discernment.

The next day, I collated all necessary documents, certificates and nailed it in a clean long folder with a label, “Pertinent Documents of Teacher Applicant T15226650.” With some revisions, printing, edits and just for 2 to 3 nights, I finalized the requirements and submitted to TNTS. It was March 14 when I first stood up to senior high school students and had my demo teaching.

Fulfilled, I grasp that discernment. I cling on to the covenant and Matthew 6:33, my life verse. That exact moment I felt the joy of what I am doing and what I am about to do.

Past weeks ago, I can say that I was in this joyous atmosphere. And it was indeed the discernment I am asking for.



It was April 8 when we took the English Proficiency Exam. Just as for the Grace, no hard tests. We started the exam at 12 and at exactly 1am, most of the examinees were all done. I went home directly as I have to create a presentation for my speaking engagement

Challenges poured out as expected. It was April 26 when I underwent a behavioural interview. The same day when I discovered that I should be under different core subject yet the same strand. And the same day when was called for an executive marketing meeting with my current job. I skipped the latter call and chose to be with what I must do.

Just can’t imagine how I am going to refocus my mind that day. I should deal on the behavioural questions to be given in a few minutes but I have to attend all marketing concerns in the next line. But nonetheless, the point is I have to focus.

My interview with certain Dr. Samson, Principal III, only lasted for 5 minutes.  Afterwards, I have to list down my name to the proper subject core as instructed. Few minutes more, I have to go home. Rest and feel the peace.

The long wait for the release of an official list of qualified applicants came out on May 10. Apparently, my name wasn’t there. In a short description, I failed.

I officially rendered my resignation back April and concluded on May 5. Technically, I don’t have a job to back me up when this happen. I don’t have enough money for my former company just recently announced that they have to retract me from getting anything from them.

Nightmares just happen. And it did happen to me in one single day.

So many questions just automatically roamed my mind that very moment. Among the loudest questions is, “Where am I going now?”


I almost gave in. The first action I’ve done after that disastrous May 10 is to reactivate all my professional accounts for job hiring. In a single day I just created a pivotal turn from the covenant.

I just accepted my defeat. I also declared that Trusting in the Lord is best way that day for I don’t really understand the plans, I must trust to the one who do.

May 15 at exactly 10am when we visited the DepEd-Cavite division office to check where I have fallen. And to our shock, I should have passed the eligibility and I should have been at top 5. What failed me was the misplaced interview score.

The resolution now is for me to wait for another week for the release of RQA batch 2.

It felt like the world just flew away from my mind that very second. Hooray! I actually didn’t fail. I am not a loser. I won. I am in victory.

I just can’t imagine how God turned everything else back to Him. God is always a teacher to all teachers. I should ask, I should knock, I should seek.

Now that God taught me about these three things, God asked me to learn another thing…to wait.




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