He is we: Why I consider Duterte as the best Philippine president so far?

He is we: Why I consider Duterte as the best PHL president so far?

I’m one in those 16 Million plus votes that placed Digong as the newest PHL president. So I will take this as a privilege speech in front of the world.

Note: if you hate Digong, please don’t bash me. Try to be a better Filipino first by putting your smallest ‘candy’ wrapper in your pocket. I’ll tell you why I’m saying this at the end of the article.

Two things.

Let me begin.

First, he love God. No doubt about it. If you disagree, read the Bible first so we will not mess up our time discussing issues you’re clueless up to now. Just beware, you might not wake up tomorrow for you don’t even know who gave your life.

Next, bashes are all around the corner as my president Rodrigo “Roa” Duterte opens his mouth. Though it seems that his pronouncement always trouble local and international audience, I consider this as “still humane.”


Don’t tell me we’re not this type of person. He’s normal. He just wanted to be a plain citizen walking down the aisle with simple polo and plain pants. He uses words as we. I mean, he is simply we. The difference is that…media are all around (even some are sensationalizing).

Some say he’s a president and he shouldn’t be speaking as much as a simple ‘taga-kanto’ for he is the country himself. If he is the country himself? What about the greater mob? Us?

Some people even tell, “Mahiya siya, simbolo siya ng bansa.”

…and I was like: so ang basura na ikinakalat natin ng walang pasubali, maliit o Malaki, at pagmumura natin elsewhere and social media, ay di simbolo ng pagka-Pilipino natin?  I mean, we are the best asset of the country, why don’t we start looking at ourselves first? We are busy pointing muds to some people around us not knowing we’re in the dike of mire.

duterte 2

He is a Filipino and most of all, he has the same disposition with basic Pinoy. Sabihing ng kanto but he is he. And I must say ‘he is we:’

  1. He doesn’t like drugs (So are we).
  2. He doesn’t like police, or even much more to any citizen, being brutally killed by anybody for they are servant of the country (So are we).
  3. We don’t like your mom being stabbed by criminals.
  4. We don’t like ill-mannered Filipino that is why they need to reinforced with ‘medyo matalas na dila.’
  5. We don’t like poverty.
  6. We say bad words (as many as you can)
  7. We get pissed.
  8. We are sometimes arrogant.
  9. We create your own stupid acts.
  10. We don’t like to be stopped when doing what you think you need to achieve.
  11. We have emotions. You cry when you feel sadness.
  12. We say “P.i” when mad (or even as an expression).
  13. We became pervert (even a slut) for what we really desire sexually or any aspect.
  14. We don’t care about they say. At the end of the day, you have liability to yourself.
  15. And lastly, we have our own decision.

So if we think he doesn’t even have the right to be what we think he is, then think what we do daily as part of our ‘normal life’. Then we’ll realize we are even worst up to worstttt!

Next, he has this palabra de honor (word of honor). He mean what he says.

I admire when he sent ‘pulpulis’ to Basilan. I admire him for approving EO for Freedom of Information, SSS pension hike, non-smoking in public and so many ‘Pinoy-level’ bills into law. He approve a so-duper-basic law we Filipino need the most. Simply because he stated these during the campaign…and he mean it (he’s the only president and Filipino politician that do this stuff).

His words, his clothing, the way he live, the way he cry with soldiers, the way everything else turn around are dreadful. Indeed.

I must say he is not TRAPO. And if this radical government persona (from tweetums, mapalabok magsalita, madaming alam, madaming dahilan, pagwapo, pa-showbiz) tremors you from the time being, it is now your turn to think ‘where the hell am I living now? Am I a stranger in my own country? Or am I just plainly want to build my own world?

I don’t want to spark an argument to what our government is doing now. I want to spark a realization that we are here to help the government.

..and let me go back to the question: where are you candy wrappers? If you still can’t keep it by yourself. Then you’re not a good citizen. Pakabuti ka munang mamayan!


To the international court, please clean your own dust. Or for at least, ask Filipino how they feel about now. And I mean, MANY FILIPINO, maybe around 16 million J

I didn’t mention extra-judicial killing, ousters and Catholic priests related issues. It only exist over sensationalized-paid-media. Bad thing is…these media just spread the virus. Hope you’re not one in the emergency room!




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