Demonizing Marketing Copy

One of my many tasks as a writer is to create a message that will positively create a light to most of our brands.

Okay, fine. I just put all imaginations out of my nutshell and translate it to something ‘okay na yan’ (That’s okay).

..and once again, okay fine, my mind just overreacted – marketing seems to be an oblivious ‘kalokohan’ (naughty thing) for me.

My boss ask me to create a copy to route mall goers to our new and bigger expansion building. The stairs are new, the grass are greener, and the hallway is ready. It only lacks the well-designed signage.

So yep, I did these copies:

  1. Take a few steps here to reinvent your shopping and dining experience.
  2. Take a breather in shopping. This way!
  3. Check the newest shopping hub in Cavite. This way!
  4. We made [insert mall name] more accessible. This way!
  5. Hello to the new shopping and dining hub! This way to [insert mall name] .
  6. Welcome new home at [insert mall name] . Take this way!
  7. Discover new things. This way!
  8. New [insert mall name] . Try ‘em . This way
  9. This way to the all-new [insert mall name]
  10. Hello shopping. This way!

Some (if not all) are usual copy. I almost tap myself for a job well done.That the usual thing a marketing person will write. That is okay naman na. I looked at myself and slightly nod, ‘galing mo sa sampu.’


My big boss only want a “THIS WAY” copy.


I sent her another set of copy…

…a demonized version

  1. This way to [insert mall name] . Ingat ka. Pa-slant yan. Tanga ka pa naman.
  2. No worries about [secret, but this word has to do with another business unit] glitches. This way to pampalubag loob!
  3. Take this way to new [insert mall name] . All new. Like your new ‘paasa’ lover.
  4. We don’t like to be stagnant. We give you all new things better than your X. Enter this way!
  5. Stop bashing the {insert company name}. Just shop and dine at The Square.

Surely, the next I will create a marketing copy, she will surely say, “No, Ger. I can do this.”

Lesson: Don’t be afraid to go out of the box. ‘Higher bosses’ still know the reality that “you just go beyond the normal line; You became more to the usual.”

I called it a demonized version, not static perhaps but the best way to describe a striving, malikot and creative mind.


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