7 Things Aldub Fans Must Do To Their Love Life

While they are the main ingredient of todays’ social talk-of-the-town, Aldub fans must not end up to be a follower of these noontime TV personalities alone. They must also uncoil the bottom line of this love team.

Yes, mahirap and mukang fairytale. But have you ever think of the below ‘so-amazing aldub subliminals’?

  1. Dubsmash your feelings

Singing and lip-synch catch good vibes. You need to control your vocal muscles in order to sing without any sounds. Para kang nagmahal na walang emosyon.  Maine, the dubsmash queen, is really good to that; further, Alden joined her. That means, you need someone to do crazy stuff. Malungkot mag-isa.

Handling your own muscles, let’s say your emotional muscle, can be a good exercise in a relationship. Instead of shouting him/her up in anger, why not sing a song, write a letter, and finally get crazy of songs with your headset; and if you’re fine, then talk. (Not on a social media post, this is not a bulletin board, and your relationship is not an announcement.

Make him feel the love and entertainment. Most of the time, love is reflective through laughs and cuddles.

  1. Enjoy ‘teenhood’ while in love

Most of the moment, we Filipinos tend to place a love story under an adult-age dimension. I mean, we must and we need to be mature while in love. Fine! I know the right thing to do. But most of moments, being childish add a pinch of sweetness to your love story.

Like Aldub, why not try to play at the park, ride a bicycle together, eat “isaw” the way you do with your best friend, and even play ‘patintero’ under the sun?

Nobody knows where your childish heartbeats bring your love story.

  1. Keep your ears open for guidance

Lola Ni Dora, Tinidora are the perfect resemblance of what we call now, “Papunta ka palang, pabalik na ako” advise. Your parents or anybody older and well experienced than you, stand up as your guiding light to every situation that you enter.

Listen to them. Try to do what they say. More or less, they know these feelings better that we assume.

  1. Don’t talk while it’s not your turn

Imagine your love story in a noontime show. If it’s not your turn to spiel, then don’t talk. Your part to every situation must be selective, witty selection will nail it.

Most of relationships break up because of unfortunate speech and unnecessary words. Alden listens to Maine and so Maine to Alden, that’s love. Listen and be heard. And if it’s your turn, weigh in what you have just heard…and talk.

Say sorry if it’s needed, forgive if it deserves, and acknowledgement is a must.

  1. Enjoy the Dabarkads

Aldub will never be an Aldub without anybody around them. Let’s face it: the situation, the people, the fans, the social media, and the whole mob, made them to the top.

Just like them, you and your loved one are not the sole reason of your love story.

Look around and enjoy your “tropa,” your family, your other life, and any other things that make you happy. Remember that this is your love story not a jail. Your loved one is not a jail warden

  1. Be humble

We’re all famous on each other’s serye. My girlfriend would look at me as the hottest guy in town, and she is the most sought after lady in the whole world We are all self-proclaimed Aldub on our own. We’re all famous. And believe it or not, some other guys and girls are imagining themselves in our shoes right now.

All we need to do, just like what’s happening with the Aldub hit, inspire them to have a wholesome love life not because we’re famous to each other’s eye, but we’re humble to let them in the same sweet episodes.

  1. Don’t focus on the social sphere

We might be in the middle of altering love stories—of mistresses, of repeated mistakes, of cheating and some other negative things. These became a tradition and without these layers in your love story sounds boring. Then the Aldub regain the altitude of a nourishing love story.

While we are at the middle of several love spheres, make it a point that we retain ours a healthy one. Don’t focus on the social sphere, at the end of the day, it’s your love story not theirs.




Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza are not just the typical people in a love team that we may have today.  They are character and personality formulated by charm. Often, our love teams may fall to the category of “commercial love team,” and we define these as a love team that was formed by just names.

Meanwhile, I strongly undertake that Aldub is a character that formed a charisma, thus a successful love team.

This might be the love that we need to have, a love that forms a character and a personality more than a love created by just a mere combined names and looks. And if you’re still waiting for your own love story, instead of asking for the right one, be the first one!



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