Rest But Never Stop

We are bound to tiresome that most of the time we simply wanted to stop.


To all cell members, cell group and going to church is an add-on to what we usually do. Ang dami ko nan gang gagawin, mag-cecelgroup pa. Mabigat. Pandadagdag gawain. Maglalaro nalang ako ng DOTA o kaya naman ay makikipagkwentuhan na lang hanggang sumapit ang dilim, babangon, papasok sa eskwela and life must go on…

Cell group might be a commitment that I cannot bear.

SLIGHTLY WACKY. Russel Tonga and Kenneth Tan with Kuya Ger at the middle during one of their regular cell group meetings.

To cell leaders, doors are always closed for us. We knock the door of our cellgroups but nobody will open the door for us. Messanger seems to be a seen-zone parking lot. Minsan pa nga, wala ng seen zone, di na kasi bubuksan ang message mo dahil alam na ikaw nagsend nito. Promises are meant to be broken: “Kuya/ate, sige po pupunta po ako,” pero walang darating kahit anino. Text messages seems to be a plain txt message. Nasend mo pero di mo laam kung nabasa o pinansin ba ng magbabasa. Namemorize mo na din ang sinasabi ng network default tone na, “the number you have dialled Is either busy or unattended.” To all young professionals, we simply say, “I better go rest and have a nap kay sa pilitin ang ayaw.”

We really think of these that sometimes we just wanted to stop.  I wanted to stop.  We fear that one day everything else will just be wasted; that one day we will prove nothing; that one day your mom and dad will be distrustful to you and you wouldn’t build the trust that you wanted; that one day, lahat ng ginagastos natin sa cell group ay di masuklian ng victory; that one day, lahat ng efforts sa pagsunod sa leader ay mauuwi sa kabiguan.

We fear that you’ll go nowhere… and we fear of so on… so forth….

ALMOST A PRINCIPAL. Kuya Ger continues to reach out Grade 9-Kindness in Tanza National Trade School, a ‘special’ section that deserves more than a ‘special’ attention.

We fear a lot in the adverse effect of sparing time to our cell group. And this fear is the main reason why we lead ourselves to stopping.

But God’s promises are pure — that he gave us a spirit of love, power and sound mind, not of fear (2 TIM 1:7). Maaring nakakapagod. The process of cellgroup and raising up a leader doesn’t happen overnight. It is an unending process. The good thing is that He promised us that He will be with us to the ends of the world. If we feel tired, just rest but never stop. He is with us in a fight, and surely, he will be with us in our rest. REST but never ever stop.

Sa lahat ng cell leader, tuloy lang. Never stop. Trust the one who called us. Mag-invite parin, susuko din yang mga yan. Endure the pain and never fear to dream that one day you’ll go to Emmanuel World Mission Church with your 144. One day, in the middle of these hardships and challenges – with faith and perseverance – we’ll reap the harvest.


To all the cellgroup members, appreciate the efforts of your leader. Nag-overnight yan para gumawa ng lesson niya, umiyak kay Lord para makarating ka, nag-fasting yan para mag-commit ka, nagpaload at nakiconnect sa wifi ni Teacher Tet para lang mareach out ka; nag-tshirt lang yan kasi alam niyang magsusundo pa siya  ng cellgroup niya kahit malayo pa ang bahay mo. At nagipon yan para may panlibre lang sayo; kahit kalahati ng pinanlibre niya at allowance niya.

Wag kang magtaka kung bakit makulit kami sa kaka-invite sayo na umattend sa cell group o sa church.

Dahil ang nais lang namin ay maranasan niyo ang pag-ibig na minsan nang yumakap samin.

To God be all the glory!


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